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Originally posted by Skuzzy
LOL digi!

Digi,..HL2 is not going to phase them. You can bet the PR team is already at work. All they have to do is convince people that Valve wrote the game for ATI and to complain to Valve about the poor performance. You can bet NVidia already has the lawyers working overtime to quell Gabe. He is getting ready to find out why devs keep thier mouths shut about things like this.
We already see many people in this small corner of the forums/BB's who are already blaming Valve for the performance problems with NVidia cards.

The people in the know have no real voice. We bitch and complain amongst ourselves and that is the end of it. NVidia is not phased by the minute percentage of people who actually know what is going on.

Just sit back and watch it unfold. NVidia will pull it off. They have gotten away with everything else, there really is nothing to stop them.
Just for a second there I thought you were defending nVidia.
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