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Default Re: Floating point exception with > 180.29


I have a 7600 GT and experience something related

I get segmentation fault for all apps using gtk+ (from what I can tell) and every apps/process that tries to use

180.29 works fine

everything above generates general protection faults (in syslog) and segmentation faults (output in console when launching the app)

180.35, 180.37, 180.41, 185.13 all show this behavior

I believe if your problem is solved mine should be too

seeing you're running a toolchain with enhanced security (pie) I'm wondering whether that might be the cause

the strange thing is that this worked perfectly fine with previous kernel-versions and drivers releases

nvidia-drivers in general are pretty tolerant towards new slab allocators, schedulers, and exotic kernel settings - I don't hope that this changes for the bad (see ati/amd's drivers)

NVIDIA, please, give input in this case if there's any more info you need
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