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Originally posted by Hellbinder
The Difference here is that ATi is no longer the back woods Whipping boy they used to be. I am sure XGI is not going to sit by and let their entire product line get screwed either.

Further the last 2 weeks have seen a HUGE Tide Turn against Nvidia online. Wich Equals Word of Mouth all the way down to the Local Electronics store.

I saw tonight *cough*somewhere*cough* That Catalyst Maker is not a happy camper at all. Which means that neither are the rest of the ATi folks. Dont Expect ATi to lay down and Die on this at all.
Damn it, pm me that CM link NOW! I gotta know!

Oh, and I do tend to agree with Hellbinder on this one over ya Skuzzy...I don't think nVidia is going to be able to lie/cheat/steal/intimidate/sue their way out of this one, but I bet you're right and that they're going to try like hell to and it's gonna be "interesting" to watch!
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