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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by wildcard011 View Post

Ok, so here it is!!!

Is there any other plane for FSX that can capture the sensation of speed, the dynamics of flying, the overall sensation of flight.
The P51D Mustang, every time I fly it It just feels so real. I have yet to find another plane that has has this total package .
Well as to flight dynamics I have been quite impressed by the Classics Hangar FW190, which has a very unique flight model in the way you get a real sense of riding on air. It has been my recent favorite due to superior frame rates, awesome looks and sounds, and of course the fun flight model, which is perhap the most nimble aircraft I have ever flown. So I would say the elements in the FW190 also come together nicely to create a very enjoyable experience, so much so that I dropped the P-47 when this came out and have been flying this since.

In the Sound department the P-47 with Accu-sim adds such realitic and awesome flight sounds that it really brings the experience of flight in that one to new levels of immersion. The VC sounds are the best I've heard, with spot on airspeed sounds from the wind and engine as well as airframe stress, and when you open the ****pit during flight it's very impressive, as the wind is blasting, being louder with faster speeds, and engine is nearly deafening. Really its just got the best sound package out there, though many of the specialty sounds come only with Accu-sim.
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