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omfg. I was gonna complain about how this is probably the 6th time Ive seen this story on this forum, but I just saw something as stupid as "OpenGl is dead" or some crap - DUDE - JUST BECAUSE ATi DOESNT CODE FOR IT DOESNT MEAN ITS "DYING"

that has to be the single most rediculous, spit-in-the-face of intelligence, half witted, no brained, idiotic thing Ive seen here yet. And I thought the noobs @ guru3d were bad! Sheesh!

OpenGL is dead, yet people frequently spend 500 to 2000 bux on professional OpenGL development video cards. I had nooo idea!

While yer at it smarty - why dont you look for a comparison between the QuadroFX3000 and the FireXGL equivalent that ATi butchered and offered in contest to it. It might blow your fragile little mind.

That is the ONE thread of decency nVidia has left. Too bad it doesnt do ANYTHING for me.
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