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Originally posted by StealthHawk
No, because many/most of the "pro-NVIDIA" posts have been laced with FUD or outright lies.

"there is no shader problem on NV3x."
"there is no shader problem in OGL, only in D3D."
"HL2 results are anomalous and nothing supports them."

Or my favorite fanboy diatribe, "yes, there is a problem, but it will be fixed when [insert event]*."

*so far been a driver that was never released, NV35, a driver that was never released, Det50, and now it is some new revision of DX9 or NV38 that will fix the problem according to some.

Don't get me wrong. Some healthy optimism is good. But lying to make NVIDIA look better isn't. Similarly, placing all of your hopes in some phantom event which never seems to arrive doesn't seem too sane either.
i didnt say "it will be fixed when [...]"

I said wait until 5x.xx comes out to start throwing rocks. It turns out you guys didnt need to throw rocks anyway - its already raining enough [poo_] on us FX cardholders anyway...

the only of those other things that MIGHT adhere to me is the HL2 stuff. I think its pretty obvious why Valve went to ATi to buddy up and make some dough tho - THEIR CARDS FRIGGEN WORK!
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