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Default Re: Stuttering video and opengl with KDE 4.2

Originally Posted by qdlaty View Post
Was your Kernel changed before you have noticed the video problems?
Is your window focus policy set to follow mouse?
Is the problem with frame dropping noticed during the windows switching (only)?
What is your window style/kwin decoration?
I use the Arch linux standard kernel. I haven't changed anything there and I know that a friend of mine has a working system (pretty much like mine, also with Arch and its standard kernel).

I did not change any of the other things as well so I guess, my window focus policy does not follow the mouse (but I'm not entirely sure, what you mean).
Windows style is qtcurve.

The problem with frame dropping (and repition) seems to happen, whenever another app (or kwin) draws something on the screen. Even when the video player is active and the plasma twitter app updates and just shows "0 new tweets" you have a short time of stuttering and it doesn't matter whether the video player is in fullscreen or windowed mode.

Besides even without anything happening I have the feeling, that both video and opengl apps do not seem as smooth as they've been before.
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