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1. ATi Damn Well Does Code for OpenGL

2. ATi's Supports ARB Standard OpenGL Extensions. Which are in some cases more developed than even Nvidias

3. Nvidia has indeed spent more time With OpenGL than ATi has.

4. ATi seems to be lagging Just a bit overall in the OpenGL Dept.

5. Those times are Changing.

6. Even So ATi is as fast or Faster in nearly every OpenGL benchmark where Nvidia does not get to use Proprietary Extensions.

Having Said all that....

1. Microsoft is also invovled in OpenGL.

2. There are a small Handfull of OpenGL games compared to D3D

3. D3D has the lionshare of Developer Mindset

Having said all that....

1. OpenGL is a Fine APi

2. OpenGL is continuing to Grow as an API

3. OpenGL Ain't Goin Nowhere.

And finally and most importantly...

OpenGL Will be a major payer in the industry until the Day Carmack Dies
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