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"there is no shader problem on NV3x."
"there is no shader problem in OGL, only in D3D."
"HL2 results are anomalous and nothing supports them."

Or my favorite fanboy diatribe, "yes, there is a problem, but it will be fixed when [insert event]*."
I love those quotes... because that's what practically all the NVidia fanboys have been saying...

I'd be surprised if Doom 3 was FASTER and BETTER looking in the R3XX than the NV3X

I said wait until 5x.xx comes out to start throwing rocks. It turns out you guys didnt need to throw rocks anyway - its already raining enough [poo_] on us FX cardholders anyway...
NVidia has pooped on itself on many occasions.... HL2 is just the big one..

The Det50s.. when released will show you the infinite truth (hopefully to all NVidia fanboys)..

I'd wish the ATI fanboys would just shut up about this... not that they were looking for every bad NVidia thing (PR or otherwise, although the same can be said for NVidia fanboys).. but..

Have you guys looked at yourselves somewhat?.. You guys are looking for some conspiracy, some "hint of evidence" that you can rat out onen side or another... you guys are not being objective enough (you just jump to the conclusion and repeat it like "a plague"..

Do what you can to educate people.. but don't go overboard.. don't MISQUOTE your sources... and DON'T BE THE UNEDUCATED ONE...
PR = crap
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