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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Wow some fantastic shots in the last few batches,i didnt think FSX could get any better looking but you guys can really make it shine!

Well im back in DX9 for a while after playing with the limiter for a weekend going back to DX10 felt a little clunky

Anyhows the side effect for me is that it made me work up a new set of DX9 water normals and a new FSWC profile for them,these files have been bult in such a way as to remove the nasty horizon simmering that still persist on FSX's water even with massive amount of AF (yes i know water shimmers on the horizon in RL but its annoying as hell in FSX) heres a few shots and a link for the normals and profile if anyone wants to check
them out

Unzip to FSX and pop the profile in the FSWC profile folder and load it up and apply

Im gonna grab so more WIP pics of the goose to post later on my co dev (butch) is cool with it as long as i let you guys know that we have no firm release date in mind atm

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