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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
Hey, I'm actually trying to get 5040x1050 working with those exact monitors only through WINDOWS... it doesnt want to work.
Can you please be a little bit more specific what "it doesn't want to work" means? :-)

As mentioned in posting #22 in this thread, for me the symptom was that the Acer displays
only recognized 1680x1024 (check with on-screen-display) so that the lower 26 lines have
been missing and the 1024 visible lines have been stretched to the 1050 native lines
of the LCD, causing ugly moire patterns. The situation was the same, on Linux and with
Windows when using the default timings. Especially for windows, the taskbar was not
within the visible range - very annoying! Is this what you are observing, too?

If true, then you may give the Nvidia control panel on windows a try to adjust the
vertical blanking time. For details on how to get to the timings setting dialog,
please follow the instruction in this posting:

I used this to retrieve the timing information on Windows so that i could create
the appropriate modelines for Linux (however, not fully functional on Linux until
increasing the vertical blanking time). If i remember correctly, there have been
up/down buttons so that you could indeed modify the values (but i didn't tried
that out).

What i needed to do to get my Acer LCD working was to change the vertical blanking
timing from 1066 to 1073. Additionally, i increased the pixel clock from 326.66MHz to
328.80MHz in order to compensate the frame rate reduction caused by
increasing the vertical timing (at least, there should be 57Hz, right?).

The hard drive with the Windows installation is somewhere in a drawer right now
and it would take me some time to setup everything, again. So can you please
try that out and report the results?


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