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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

On CRTs: You should buy the LCD panel. I've used shutter glasses with CRTs, and it sucks. It's like drinking some really cheap alcohol added wine like the winos drink- guaranteed headache. I would pay $400 not to game on a CRT with it's refresh rate halved.

On 3d Vision: Tomorrow marks 3 full months into it and I'm still at the conclusion it's the only thing that matters at all in computer gaming.

ATi vs NVIDIA? No. 4X AA vs 8X AA? No. PhysX vs Non? Closer, but No.

I just played an hour of UT2004 in the "Invasion" game, on the "Morpheus" level.
First, being attacked by swarms of 3d dragonflys, bats, and those hopping things would be enough.

When the guys that shoot rockets, flying things that lob fireballs, and skaarj launching fireballs show up, it's worth the $600 for this game, this level alone.

I don't think I can do justice to what it feels like to have spreads of rockets flying toward and by you in 3d while fireballs lazily criss cross through the sky. You feel like you're an action figure in the midst of a real battle, not just watching one take place in front of you.

That is the key: the bugs bump into you, the rockets fly past you, the fireballs seem to have spatial pacement throughout a 3 dimensional environment, you float through the zero grav environment seemingly covering distance, launching your own energy bolts.

It is just amazing, and this is on a 5 year old game. I am convinced that this is where the industry needs to head, we've had enough of the same old same old.
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