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Originally Posted by LordJuanlo View Post
I tried 3D 4 or 5 years ago with eDimensional glasses, when it worked it was awesome, I remember Battlefield 1942, but it was in a CRT and got headaches after long play sessions.

I'd like to go 3D again when DX11 cards arrive, time will tell if I will get the ATI card with the incoming 26" 1080p iz3d monitor, or maybe I will go back to nVidia with one of those 120hz LCD, I will decide after both cards are released.

I have a couple of questions for people like Rollo that is already using nVidia 3D technology:

- Is there any FullHD monitor supported by nVidia?. It looks like all are 22" 1680x1050. 1920x1200 (or 1080) is extremely important for me.
- When not using 3D mode, if you want to play a game and enable vsync, do you need 120 frames per second?. Just like with a 60hz LCD you need 60fps for enabling vsync and have a smooth gaming experience.
- Is framerate cut in half when using 3D mode, so your graphics system should deliver 120fps to get a 60hz experience?.
1. At this time, there are only tvs at 1080.

2. I've never gamed without 3D on the 120Hz monitor, I don't game in 2d anymore. However, I don't see why vsynch would be needed in drivers for 120Hz monitors. The point of vsynch is to reduce tearing caused by the framerate exceeding the refresh rate. Exceeding 120fps is not a large concern- in general if you are exceeding 120fps a person would be better off to turn on some AA to reduce their framerate than vsynch. I would guess that vsynch would fall back to 60fps if 120fps could not be maintained, like old school vsynch falls back to 30fps.

I would think if you are a vsynch user these monitors would be very welcome.

3. Frame rate isn't quite cut in half, but the framerate hit is large as the image is being rendered twice.

4. I'm not a fan of the iz3d solutions personally because: 1. they don't work with multi GPU 2. they require iz3d game profiles, and those require a lot of tweaking, for each game 3. reviews haven't been kind to iz3d on depth of effect or ghosting.
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