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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. At this time, there are only tvs at 1080.
Bad news for me, I hope there will be 120 hz Full HD monitors by end of year, I don't have space on my desktop for a TV.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
I would guess that vsynch would fall back to 60fps if 120fps could not be maintained, like old school vsynch falls back to 30fps.
That's exactly what I would like to know, if the game let you choose refresh rate, no problem at all. But if it doesn't there should be a way to force 60 hz from control panel. For those very rare times I wouldn't be playing in 3D

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
3. Frame rate isn't quite cut in half, but the framerate hit is large as the image is being rendered twice.
I'm playing Left 4 Dead vsynched at 60fps, so I guess I would need constant 120 fps to enjoy the game like I do know, but in 3D. In Left 4 Dead that would be no problem, I play with 8xAA at 1920x1200 (vsync and triple buffer enabled), but it could be harder to achieve in other games.

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
4. I'm not a fan of the iz3d solutions personally because: 1. they don't work with multi GPU 2. they require iz3d game profiles, and those require a lot of tweaking, for each game 3. reviews haven't been kind to iz3d on depth of effect or ghosting.
They have released updated glasses that seem to get rid of most problems (if not all), and they will be supporting MultiGPU in their next 2.0 driver (at least they will support ATI CrossFireX, not sure about SLI). Anyway I won't upgrade until DX11 cards arrive, so I have time to check their evolution.

I haven't yet upgraded to 3D because 1080p is mandatory for me, and today neither iz3d nor nVidia provide a Full HD solution (I can't put a TV on my desktop). iz3d is already working on a 26" 1080p monitor, and I hope nVidia 3D partners will have similar solutions soon.
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