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Default Re: suse 11.1 and biostar mcp6p motherboard

Originally Posted by keithmart View Post
First I am very new to Linux, and have only installed it today.

I have had a message that my audio is not working, but it is with the default driver. The sound is quiet, and if the volume is turned up it is distorted.

Is this a driver problem?

If so which driver should I use?
At the risk of answering an old dead thread ... This is NOT likely a driver problem.

Go to YaST > Hardware > Sound > Other > Volume and turn the volume for both PCM and Master UP to about 95%. Close YaST. Then go to your mixer (kmix for kde and alsamixer for gnome) and move your PCM and Master volume up (or down) to a comfortable level, such that there is no distortion. Note every time you start a new multimedia application you may need to adjust your PCM level in your mixer.

Reference the audio error message, thats a bug in openSUSE-11.1, and there is a work around fix available.
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