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Default Re: Is it worth it to get back into wow?

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
If you have the skill, you should obviously have an advantage in pvp if you lack gear... but it would be stupid to think skill can completely absolve your from gearing up and you can bet your ass there are people out there who are both skilled and incredibly geared. Also alot of classes power in pvp have been increased, so you can't just ignore any one class now.
Under the new setup; getting some gear isn't quite what it was. For starts, one raid is directly tied to a PvP event. Namely VoA; after one side or the other wins Wintergrasp. For those who don't have the game, there's this big PvP event (Wintergrasp is a PvP zone), which is held every so many hours. The horde/ali fight it out; the winter gets a buff, but also a portal from dalaran (for a limited time before the next WG), and until it's up; the portals inside Wintergrasp citadel or whatever they call it are open.

This is a 1 boss only raid; which involves a few trash, then a boss. The trash pulls before it are very few, the whole raid takes little time. The boss also drops some tier 7 (10 or 25 man), not tokens, but the actual armors, and some other stuff. My hunter (currently an alt) got the t7.5 chest from h VOA tonight; about 15 min raid... It is possible to get some gear in this way; which tied to the Wintergrasp event also makes it easily accessible to PvPers as well.

Naturally however, for PvP people do at times want slightly different stats, ala resillience and more stam (though my shamy which was largely BT geared with a bit of tier 6 was a monster in BGs, even in his t6 lvl PvE gear). It isn't the 6 hour raid for this instance, or obsidian (though there's more trash in obsidian, along with several dragons which a group might chose to kill or leave up for the achievement). It's still fairly shortish....

The t7 chest (not the 25 man one though) and gloves can also be bought with heroic badges, along with stuff for a few other slots.... This said, most heroics (outside violet hold), will be longer then running VOA if he's short on time....)
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