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Default Re: GTX 285 vs 8800 GTX SLI in Crysis

Originally Posted by Kemo View Post
Actually, I am clever, since I'm not giving in to all the marketing hype thats saturating the current gen video cards. Every video review has new single cards compared to older SLIed cards. Apples, oranges, and pairs. See now, a DirectX 11 card or a 45nm GT300 chip would more likely show me the performance boost I saw going from a 7800GT to 8800GTX. Nvidia likes to release cards often to test out their products on the market and the field.

Crysis DX10 VHigh GTX 295 QSLI, look at the 1680x1050 4xAA/16xAF min Framerate and you'll see why I think it's wise to wait for future gen cards if you currently have a powerful SLI setup.
Single 280GTX runs Crysis better then 8800GTX SLI. Forget those numbers you get in benchmark, they wont give you real experience. Go and play game under GTX285 and you will see how things are smooth, and frames are consistent. When i originally got single GTX280, 8800GTX SLI was a joke in Crysis compared to.

Just the fact that single GTX285 outperforms SLI 8800GTX should tell you a lot about GTX285. I am not sure what you were expecting out of single GTX285. some magic 200FPS in Crysis?

BTW you are not clever, and get more of damn RAM. Are you kidding me only 2Gb? Crysis along with Windows utilizes just a bit more then 2Gb of RAM, and you wonder about stuttering with 8800GTX SLI setup. Seriously get more RAM, 4Gb is only ****ing $35. I bet you run Windows XP 32bit.

Overall your post here is EPIC FAIL, no good reasoning in your talk.
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