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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Thanks for your help so far... I think our problems slightly differ. My monitors recognize 1680x1050 at least when set on single mode, without using the TH2GO. They work fine... ect but that's at 60hz. When i go to setup 5040x1050 via the TripleHead2go... it requires 57hz... this is some constraint of the actual TH2go unit. I'm pretty sure my monitors don't like the 57 hz... My nVidia control panel is slightly different (i believe) from the one explained in that post you sent me to... but I am able to go and create custom resolutions and even mess with advanced specs like timings ect. At one point 5040x1050 was included in this custom resolution screen, i'm not sure how to get it back. (I had to remove the drivers at one point because the Matrox Software attempted to put my monitors in 5040x1050 display mode and the monitors would just read "Signal Not Supported" no matter what i did) so now that setting is gone, i could just as easily create a custom resolution similar to how you did with modeline, and use the Matrox again... I'm just not sure exactly what to use for settings.

I've included a screenshot of the resolution and timing settings (on a single display of 1680x1050) bare in mind this has 60hz and works fine.

But maybe you could give me some hints on how to use this screen to create a working custom resolution with 57hz, for 5040x1050 since you seem to be an expert on these things
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