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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
My monitors recognize 1680x1050 at least when set on single mode, without using the TH2GO. They work fine... ect but that's at 60hz.
I would expect that the LCDs are working fine when being directly connecting
to the video card :-)

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
When i go to setup 5040x1050 via the TripleHead2go... it requires 57hz... this is some constraint of the actual TH2go unit.
Right, this is due to the bandwidth limitation of the DVI output.

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
I'm pretty sure my monitors don't like the 57 hz...
BTW.: when i had the problem with my displays, i contacted Acer support.
The official statement from them was that "the native resolution of this Acer
display is 1680x1050 at 60Hz". One could imply that 57Hz are not supported.
however, EDID reports 56-76Hz, so it *should* work.

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
At one point 5040x1050 was included in this custom resolution screen, i'm not sure how to get it back. (I had to remove the drivers at one point because the Matrox Software attempted to put my monitors in 5040x1050 display mode and the monitors would just read "Signal Not Supported" no matter what i did) so now that setting is gone, i could just as easily create a custom resolution similar to how you did with modeline, and use the Matrox again... I'm just not sure exactly what to use for settings.
This is what i did on Windows to get the initial setup - maybe that helps:

1.) Installed WindowsXP (a version including SP2)
2). Installed the Nvidia driver (181.20_geforce_winxp_32bit_international_whql.exe )
3.) Installed the latest Matrox GXM tools (vxp2k_gxm_2_04_00_011_whql.exe)
4.) Executed the GXM Wizard and selected the 5040x1050 mode.

This brought me to the 5040x1050 setup where the 26 lines where missing.

Can you please re-installing the driver and the matrox tool to reproduce this
result? From there, it should be possible to adjust the vertical timing setting.

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
But maybe you could give me some hints on how to use this screen to create a working custom resolution with 57hz, for 5040x1050 since you seem to be an expert on these things
As mentioned, my hard driver with windows on it is currently not operational.
Please let me know if you strictly can't get it working, then i will look into it.


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