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Default Re: Nvidia + Matrox TripleHead2Go with resolution 5040x1050!

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
Im not sure our problems are the same... I am unable to get any display when i create a 5040x1050 view... it just starts saying signal not supported
You may try it out if it works on Linux - just to make sure that the timing given
above basically works.

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
and since the Matrox Software, doesn't give a 15 second trial period like windows does, then im stuck with no vision, until i reboot in safe mode, remove the nvidia drivers and start over.
I can very well imagine that's pretty annoying :-)

Originally Posted by portwolf View Post
PS im using Vista x64
That may make a difference - i only tried it on XP. Maybe the Matrox
configuration software comes with a different default timing than the
XP variant?

I suggest borrowing some displays that work fine with the TH2G.
You can then hopefully make the timing adjustment with the nvidia
control panel and switch to your displays when finished. Not quite a
perfect solution, because in case Windows looses its display information
for some reason then you have to repeat this procedure.
I guess a single display would be sufficient for this testing, but then you
would always need to figure out on which output a certain application
windows is currently displayed on (reconnecting the LCD to that output
on the TH2G).

BTW.: In case the displays are brand new, then you may try to ask
the dealer to take them back because they are not working as expected ...
Unfortunately, Matrox doesn't provide a compatibility list which displays
are working fine. There are obviously 1680x1050 displays that just work
OOTB with the default timing (i.e. please check xianthax's post #22 in this
thread. My old Benq 2091 are basically also working fine, but have
a 1600x1200 native resolution).


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