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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

You say these things because you're applying old standards that in my opinion no longer apply.

The minimal resolution difference you speak of to me sounds like "Rollo, I'd update to your 50" plasma, if only it had as accurate of stereo sound as my good old 19" CRT!".

Things like a little extra resolution, a little more AA, vsych and triple buffering are literally the last thing on your mind when when you've gamed in true 3d on a game it works well with.

The difference is like the difference between looking at the Playmate of the Year in the magazine, or looking at her on your couch. It's that different.

Until this, playing video games was like watching a cartoon on your tv. Now, it's like being in the tv in a war of 3d action figures.

When you see the fire balls, plasma balls, rockets, bats, and bugs all flying around you and you can perceive the difference in how high and far away they are it gives you immersion unlike anything in what we used to call "3d" gaming.

You really need to see what Left4Dead looks like in 3d- you would throw away your old monitor.

I've had a Dell 3007WFP-HC sitting unused next to my 22" Samsung for 3 full months now, and most people consider that "as good as it gets" for gaming. (way, way, way better than any 1080 resolutions) Why does it sit when all I have to do is switch it to primary?

Because gaming in true 3d redefines what you think of as "good" in computer gaming.

I've told NVIDIA several times that this eclipses anything else they've ever done, by far.

I know I sound like I get a commission for every one sold, but I am that high on this tech that I don't really care about the old school way of gaming anymore. If NVIDIA makes this, you should buy it. If ATi puts out a comparable solution tomorrow, you should buy that if you prefer them.

The main point I'm trying to make is everyone on this board has got to be as tired as I am of "With new render mode X, wet things reflect 10% more light and shadows are 20% more rounded!".

This is the first BIG difference I've seen in computer gaming since 3dfx introduced what I used to call "3d" and now call "pseudo 3d". Head to a Frys and check it out if you don't believe me.
If you really want 1080p or above in 3D on your desktop, you can wait for iZ3D to release their 24/26" monitor and use the iZ3D solution instead of NVIDIA's. I'm using NVIDIA 3DVision myself, but since I am only running on a single GTX 280, the 1680x1050 is plenty, especially with the performance hit incurred from running in 3D. Although with 3D vision, I've noticed that aliasing is not as noticeable (probably due to the fact that each eye sees a different image so the jaggies get blended in your mind), so I am running my games at 2x or 4xAA now in 3D instead of 8x and above. The difference really is night and day, and although the ghosting can get irritating (its noticeable on bright surfaces, and for games like Mirror's Edge, where liberal use of HDR is applied, its especially bad), for most games its not present or not noticeable to the point of interfering with the entire 3D experience. It has breathed new life into older games as well, and I'm trying out my whole library now to see which ones work well in 3D and are worth a playthrough again.
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