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Default GTX280 w/ Enermax Liberty620W

1stly my system
C2D E7200 @3.2Ghz 1.35v vcore
Asus P5K EPU SE P35 M/B
4x1GB ram
Gigabyte GTX280
Enermax Liberty 620W
4xSata HD
1xIDE DVD writer
Creative SB X-Fi extreme music

I have just upgraded to GTX280 from a HD4870 1GB. The system has been unstable since with random syntoms such as windows hanged during startup loading, blue screen and games hang half way. But as I said, it's really random, sometimes I can just play games such as GTAIV for hour without problem or it could just crash within a few mins. I am not sure if this is a problem with my P/S not providing enough juice to the GFX card. The liberty has combined 36A on +12v rail and from what I read, GTX280 needs 40A? It could also be my M/B giving problem as my IDE failed to work right before I changed the GFX card, so I have 2 potential problem here, just want to make sure it's P/S issue before I replace the liberty with, say, HX620W which has 50A on +12v rail. Any advice wud be appreciated, thank you.
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