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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Damn it, pm me that CM link NOW! I gotta know!

Oh, and I do tend to agree with Hellbinder on this one over ya Skuzzy...I don't think nVidia is going to be able to lie/cheat/steal/intimidate/sue their way out of this one, but I bet you're right and that they're going to try like hell to and it's gonna be "interesting" to watch!
I sincerely hope I am wrong, in this case. But I am not going to be surprised if they pull it off either. The masses are very fickle and, sadly, the people that are active in keeping up with what is going on are a very small minority.
And even the ones in the know would not hesitate to buy an NVidia card if it were equal to the competition's offering. It does not have to be faster, just equal and they would jump on it.
The power of marketing cannot be ignored and NVidia has been stringing consumers along for a year. Heck, they even have some devs convinced of thier superiority, or at least, keeping the devs guessing and erring to their side.

Like I said, I hope I am wrong, but we'll see.
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