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Originally posted by lukar
XGI looks promising, and I'm looking for it.
It would be great to see those v5 v8 cards, which are similar to ATI r300 chip, from paper. They will follow up standard DX9.0API, and that's good.

Why is it important for us their success?

It will force Nvidia to follow standard too, not to play dirty game behind the scene, paying developers to code the games using non standard 'procedures'.

ATI-Microsoft deal is also important in this sense. Most of developers will make XBOX2 games, using standard DX 9.0 API or whatever case might be, and that's gonna reflect on PC games as well.

From this time now, OPENGL is death. The only company, who supports it is ID Software. As I see, OPENGL doesn't have a future...

That's not quite right lukar. OpenGL has quite a bit support and a lot of it is outside of gaming applications. Check the Apple/Mac titles as well. They are all OpenGL.
I agree that DX has the lion share of the market, in turns of sheer numbers of titles, but OpenGL is a very viable interface and, just like the video card competition, needs to be sustained or we would never see any improvements in either API.
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