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Originally posted by lukar
and I'm talking about linux as desktop solution...

Linux as desktop solution comparing to Windows XP i like Russian Lada compared to Dodge Viper
I remember how in around 1999-2000 people were commenting something like

"Linux on servers? You gotta be kidding!"
"Linux on mainframes? Yeah, right!"
"Linux will never have serious marketshare on servers!"
"Linux will never run big-iron machines!"
"Linux is no threat to UNIX!"

As it turns out, things didn't quite work out that way. Now, desktop is more difficult to crack since MS has over 90% market-share. But it is happening. Linux-desktops have made TRENDEMOUS advanced over the past few years and the number of users who run Linux on desktops has increased alot. And there are (again) people saying that "Linux will NEVER be a contended on the desktop!", just like they said that when it was about servers....

I have used XP. It's downright awful! W2K was the best OS MS made, it's been downhill ever since!
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