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Default Re: Kernel Mode Setting?

Originally Posted by davelaser View Post
No they aren't, I talked to the developers on the #radeon channel. They outlined the current architecture and it will be a long time before they implement the changes necessary to make xvideo sync whilst compiz is enabled.
So the new "tearing avoidance" code for textured video does not work when compiz is running? My impression was that it doesn't matter whether compositing is used or not.

And xvideo is never synced with the nvidia drivers when compiz is enabled, even when compiz vsync is on. This is evident from the nvidia release notes which actually state the fact, and from experience as well.
Looks like you're right, this is apparent when taking screenshots of the video. Still, the tearing is hardly visible in most cases -- it's much worse with e.g. Intel hardware and drivers. I wonder why.
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