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Default Re: Galaxy working on 2 GB version of GeForce GTX285

I'd love a couple of these, but

1) the cooling setup would be no good for sli (top card would have to cope with more of the bottom cards heat due to the fan setup.

2) the size of the cooling solution. It hangs off of the side of the pcb, making the cards even longer (definitely something I do NOT need and I use coolermaster stacker cases).

The 2gb of ram should definitely help performance out at higher resolutions with AA/AF. I was recently benching crysis warhead @ 1680x1050, 16xQ AA, enthusiast. the game was taking up 925 - 945 mb of framebuffer at those settings. You can imagine what the memory requirements at 1920x1200 or 2560x1600 would be like.

Its been popular for quite a while now to hear claims that memory size over a certain point (512mb being the current favorite) makes no difference compared to core/shader speeds. This simply isn't true for quite a few games out there when you crank the resolution and the IQ.

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