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Default cpu Cooling solutions...what do you use?

I see many many posters in this forum have their rig specs in their sigs and most have some type of overclock on their procs. In my current rig I have a lowly c2d E6700 oc'd to 3.2 and have run it like this for the last 20 months. My CPU cooler is an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and it keeps my CPU at about 18c idle and 31-32 under heavy load.

My thread question arises from the fact I'm building a new i7 rig right now and was wondering if you could post your system specs and cooling solutions. I've looked at some of the better air cooling solutions (like the Thermalright TRUE, V8 etc,) but am looking seriously at the Coolit Freezone Elite or maybe even the Domino ALC. The size of the air cooling solutions could be an issue as although I rarely move my current rig, there will be occassion in the future to attend some serious LAN parties and get togethers and a huge aircooler could jeopardize my mobo due to their enormous weight.

Anyway, please post yours and any additional info would be appreciated.

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