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Just post a few thought from this thread, can't be ask to write a long post.

Nvidia failed to capitalise with their introduction of Nv3x and Cg, therefore they try to pay off and working "closely" with developers to make them look good and some PR craps to sell their cards.

The main problem is that they are not following standard (i.e. DX9 and OpenGL) since they thought they are big enough to play their own game, with lots of extension craps for fragment programming in OpenGL, therefore their hardware is not up to standard in terms of PS2.0 performance.

One last thing as regard to Linux, they are very important since many big cooperation and universities are using Linux machine as back-ends, and students are encourage to learn to use Linux since it gives a much fuller control to the system than MS's OS. In fact MS is still trying to emulate the success of Linux/Unix system in terms of networking and security. Whoever thinks and says they are crap or shall not exist is bunch of monkeys without a working brain.
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