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Default Re: Advice/discussion - GTX 260

Originally Posted by kindred View Post
I just bought the same card GX-260N-ADEF. I didn't realise how long it would be. I had a EVGA 8800gts 640mb and that was long enough. I had 5 hard drives in my case, and had to remove one of them so I could fit my new GTX260. So now I've got to reinstall Vista. It also makes more noise than my 8800 at idle and it's a lot more noisy if I increase the fan speed to 100% which is an absolute racket.

I'm just curious, what temps do you get when playing Crysis. At idle my card is 47c on auto 40% fan speed, but when playing Crysis at full load it went as high as 83c. Is that normal as I have a Antec nine hundred case with plenty of fans. My 8800gts oc never went higher than 75c.
Hmmm, that is pretty odd how you say that your 8800GTS was more quiet, as I found the 260GTX pretty much inaudible with the fan at 40% and most of the time the fan does not go above 50% with Rivatuner auto fan control. Your load temp is a bit high, especially for a case as well ventilated as an Antec 900 appears to be. The case that my dad's 260GTX is in is the CoolerMaster 690 with 1x1200mm intake and 1x120mm exhaust fan + the Zalman 9700 fan on the lowest setting and the PSU fan, which hardly moves any air.

Have you got any software that controls the fan? If not then get Rivatuner and it will control your fan automatically according to the temperature of the GPU, because if the fan stays at 40% all the time that could be the reason for the high-ish temps. You mention setting the fan at 100% being loud - yeah it is a lot louder that my 8800GTX at 100%. Saying that, I got the impression that the fan is not really intended to run at more than 50%, maybe maximum of 60% at any time as the cooling method on the 260GTX seems either more efficient or there is just less heat to cope with due to the 55nm manufacturing process.

PS - is the 8800GTS 640MB or 512MB? As the latter one has a slightly different cooler to the 8800GTS 640MB/8800GTX.
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