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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

On the IZ3D solution:

I've decided to rid the IZ3D monitor. I just don't like the 2D quality, the ghosting, and the amount of problems and conflicts it has with 64-bit Vista.

I really wanted to wait for a 1920x1200 monitor but I had such a bad taste with IZ3D that I need something sweeter
We couldn't even log off/switch users anymore since setting up the monitor, when logging off or switching user the monitor blanks completely out, requiring a manual reboot.

The remote desktop work around was too cumbersome, especially since I use it on a daily basis.

I also didn't like the fact that since Windows recognizes the front and back panels as individual side by side screens, I often had windows and apps open up the in front panel, which is invisible without the glasses. So I have to put on my glasses so I can see them, and drag them across onto the normal screen. This gets repetitive and cumbersome really really quick. Some applications
open up directly in the "middle" of the dual screen extended desktop, which is on the right edge of the visible screen. Nice! Setting the 2nd panel in clone mode fixes that but somehow breaks the driver, as it doesn't recognize the monitor anymore (like the first time I set it up).
3D Vision doesn't have any crazy stuff like that going on, and I am using it with Vista 64.
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