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Default Re: Mplayer - vdpau - composite disabled screen flashing

Originally Posted by jimbob91 View Post
The problem does not manifest itself in overlay mode
OK. That makes sense; it's different code.

Originally Posted by jimbob91 View Post
that is when it is played in a window, there is no problem.
But I don't understand that; windowed v.s. full-screen makes a difference? FYI, windowed v.s. full-screen should make not affect overlay v.s. blit presentation queue path...

Also, if you use a different TVStandard value (720p, 480p, 480i) does this affect the problem. What about if you remove/change the TVOverScan option?

I assume if you use Xv output in MPlayer (-vo xv, and no -vc option) does this affect anything. Can you run OpenGL applications without a problem? e.g. try glxgears, windowed and full-screen, or tuxracer/ppracer.

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