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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by wildcard011 View Post
Isn't quite working for my setup. The major difference between your setup and mine that I can see is that I run it at 1920x1200, other than that the setup is very similar.
Still seeing stutters? With a 285 vs my 260 going from 1600 to 1920 on horizontal resolution shouldn't make any difference, but it's interesting your results are different. Which version of windows do you run?

I do run with all AI and traffic turned off, which can make a difference, as can weather, of which I'm using the fastest theme, fair weather. Try using 2000/1700 max per cell and 300MB Buffer Pool. That should relieve the system quite a bit. Basically I would find some less aggressive settings which produce a nice stutter free framerate, and then tune to find your optimum levels from there. If you want to see my cfg file let me know, as there may be some other variables not conidered which is making the difference.

It took several nights of tweaking to finally nail it for my system, and it wasn't until the third night that I finally discovered my TBM was causing some of my headaches.
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