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Default Re: Which is the best card of these 2?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
The 5500 is "faster" but I use that term very loosely. The 5600 was a terrible card 6 years ago and its much faster than the 5500 and 5200.

Don't bother trying to play any games made after 2001.

Either of them should be fine as a general desktop card (for windows XP... probably not Vista) but I don't recommend putting yourself through the pain of using either for 3D gaming.

Having had a Gateway Profile5 PC with an 5500 256MB daughter card(AGP interface, think it was a laptop card used for profile machines aswell), it played quite a few games just fine that were made after 2001. DDO(DnD Online), WOW(Come on, this game will run on a GF4MX for crying out loud), Farcry. I could go on, but you get my point I hope. I wouldn't expect to use monster settings for most games, but it shouldn't have 2 much trouble playing a good number of them.
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