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Angry NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)

First things first: I'm running Intrepid Ibex and always having the latest stable NVidia driver installed for my GeForce 7600 GT on a TFT Monitor LG "19.
Nevertheless, I'm having that ugly tearing while running Openarena. I've googled out really nothing about that problem... There are some tips, in NVidia driver Appendix help file as well, but that doesn't actually help. I'm loosing my nerve actually. I've enabled all the settings concerning syncing (Sync to VBlank, TripleBuffer in xorg.conf etc etc.) but all in vain... I have no Compiz running if that can help you sort things out. No effects, just a clean working system. No tweaks made to it also.
There are no problems in Widoze btw. I have enabled an option to Force Vertical Sync in applications.

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