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Default Re: Command & Conquer Generals 2 In Development?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
C&C: Generals was excellent. I only played two games for years in row after they came out. The first was Generals. The other was Company of Heroes. Well-made RTS games just have a longevity that no other games have for me, not even MMORPG's.

Normally I don't play "normal" RTS games anymore after playing CoH; C&C3 SP was just "ok", didn't even bother with RA3 and I'm not all that excited about Starcraft 2. DoW2 is really good, but perhaps a bit too simplistic and intense - i probably liked the CoH balance the best. But I actually think that the Generals series could be the exception, that there's a place for a Generals 2 with just little (but still some) innovation from the first. Keeping an eye on this title for sure!
I might have to try DoW2. What you've said seems to reflect my POV pretty well, so it might be interesting to me.

I basically fit with everyone else. I played the hell out of the older titles, I have C & C 3 and while it is okay it didn't really excite me all that much. I played the RA3 beta but I haven't played it since then.

I really hope they do a Generals 2. Modern graphics but similar gameplay.

EDIT: Holy crap, I'm suprised Blizzard hasen't sued them yet. They have "Orks" which look exactly like Warcraft characters.

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Wow, I'm happy to see there are lots of Generals fans around here.

Usually C&C fans try to forget it even existed.

Its a very underrated game IMO.
I thought it was decent, but it just didn't get enough attention from me when I could play 5 other C & C games. I have everything except for Kane's Wrath and RA3. The only one that didn't work well IMO was renegade.

I'm sure I'll hear a lot of grief but I feel the same way about AOE3. There are a lot of people who like 2 and for some reason don't like 3.
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