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Default Re: Multi-head on a 9800 GX2

Originally Posted by mattty View Post
Hrmm. My xorg.conf is very similar to his, but I am not trying to use twinview.
I was referring to the xorg.conf in posting #4 in the thread linked, above.
There, two devices are defined and xinerama is enabled (no twinview).
Sorry for the potential confusion.

Originally Posted by mattty View Post
I don't think twinview is even supposed to work since there is only one dvi output per gpu on these cards (unless I am mistaken).
This is my understanding of the GX2, as well. I think your xorg.conf is fine.
As far as i understand, there is typically not a common method to get rid of
those "WAIT" messages - you need to experiment. BTW.: Is the GX2 working
fine in a PC with a different mainboard?


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