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Default Windows 7 RC dated - April

(edit: Correction :: May,, sorry)

according to ZDnet, ArsTechnica and others, the Windows 7 RC has now been dated for public release in May. (I'm assuming late May)

... screen shot of the Win 7 RC download page. As Ars notes, the RC download period is set to last through June 2009 and the RC set to expire in June 2010. Ars also grabbed a shot of the expected hardware requirements for the Windows 7 RC:

The RC will be good until June 2010??

Am I reading this wrong? Is MS is offering effectively a free 1 year trial for windows 7 early adopters?

I keep reading reports of people using the beta (followup build 7057) for their day-2-day including gaming; and that they are quite happy.

Just buy a new HDD, and install. (swap BIOS boot order back and forth as desired)

So it expires in a year. Most of us will probably have a major system update by then anyway, and we'll go get the retail at that point.

Has someone in MS actually learned the value of reaching out to their critical customer base: The enthusiast home user base...

Has MS gotten a clue as to how to get Win7 adopted? Give us a few hits for free and get us hooked?
Will it the Ultimate edition?
Will it be 64-Bit?

Is anyone else tempted by this?
(assuming its correct)

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