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Default Re: GTX 285 vs 8800 GTX SLI in Crysis

Originally Posted by Kemo View Post
doesn't make much sense to sell my 8800s at this point. $650 for one (at launch) and another later on for $250. I could get $250 tops for both. One on ebay is selling for about $125. Show me Crysis bench results using the same settings I used 4xFSAA, No Vsync, and T-Buffering with Vsync On. I could never get my Q6600 stable at 3.6Ghz. 3Ghz stable and saw lower performance than my C2D 3.6Ghz.

In VistaU x64 running the 64bit run in DX10 mode with 4x AA and Vsync on res was 1680x1050 all settings were on high. Will have to reload the game in XP later to run DX9 for ya. But most everyone already knows, DX9 is a good deal faster than DX10 in crysis.

min was 23 average was 33 and max was 45 with clock on GPU stated before and CPU at 2.4Ghz. Will run more at 3.0, 3.3 and 3.6.
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