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Dx seems to be much more bloated vs open gl. Although speed seems to be better than in the past.

Remembering way back when. Games the were coded in all three.
Glide was fastest on 3dfx hardware then open GL, Dx7 slowest. Now it may have been sloppy programming but dx seemed to use much more system ram, games in general were more sluggish vs open GL.

Can anyone explain why Dx is so bloated vs Open GL?

Originally posted by ChrisRay
I can think of several games that have Built in Support for OpenGL and arent what I'd consider "old" games./

Doom 3, Neverwinter Nights, NWN expansion. Warcraft 3. Wc3, The Frozen Throne. Unreal Tournament 2003.

I like the fact that DirectX exists. And I like what it stands for. The Day OpenGL completely dies out tho is the day I become a console gamer. OpenGL is the only reason Macintosh users even have games. Because its easily portable.
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