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Default Re: Mplayer - vdpau - composite disabled screen flashing


1) GPU goes into the highest performance mode when playing the video

2) glxgears seemed to have the effect of vastly increasing the frequency of flashing, as compared to the video of it that I posted. When GL-sync-to-vblank was off, the glxgears running in the background seemed to prevent X from locking up. With GL-sync-to-vblank on, X locked up when I exited the video (this has been normal thru testing with composite off), but as I said, the frequency of screen flashing increased greatly.

Stephen, are we just dealing with a refresh rate / sync issue here?


TV overscan removed: no change

Using DVI, so the TV mode didn't change things, but setting the resolution to 720x480 resulted in normal playback in a 480p video. The other option between 1920x1080 is 1440x480. Wierd resolution, but video playback is "normal". That is to say there was no flashing, but definitely had a squished look to it.

1080p video plays without tearing and flashing at 720x480 and 1440x480 resolutions.

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