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Default Re: Advice/discussion - GTX 260

My 8800gts is the G80 - 640mb version. Well I did a lot of googling and came across a website that said you should try overclocking the card slightly if you think your temps are high. So I tried that using EVGA precision, leaving the fan on 40% default and was surprised that it actually worked, even my idle temps have dropped from 47c to 42c. I played crysis and the highest it went was 75c which is an improvement. Weird though as I would of thought oc would make the temps go up not down.

Has anyone with a GTX260 got Graw 2. If so what fps are you getting at 1280x1024 on the first level. I maxed everything out at a res of 1280x1024 with physx on extreme and I was getting between 79-40, but during the fire fights it was dropping down to 26 and causing stuttering. I would of thought the GTX260 could handle this game no problem.

I guess I was expecting a bigger performance leap over my 8800gts on every game, but some games don't seem that much better. Rainbow Six Vegas is no better than my 8800. During the casino level when you enter the man room the FPS drops to 26fps in places. It did the same on my 8800. Maybe this game is just badly optimised, it certainly seems that way.
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