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Originally posted by ExitWound
How can you spend $300 on a video card, and NOT put it to its maximum efficiency?! That's like spending $100,000 on a sports car and driving only in residential areas. How can you justify it? OVerclock, change the coolers, add heatsinks, anything(!) to get the maximum out of your purchase. I don't understand how things can be "good enough". They can always be better.
Well, it all depends on how you look at it. For instance, I drive a sports car. It is fast, not as fast as a lot of sports cars, but faster than a lot and definitely faster than your normal everyday driver.

Now, I can get mods for this car (there are a LOT) to make it go faster. Do I want to? Not really. Why? Because I didn't buy the car because it's fast. I bought it because in the curves, it can out perform even a lot of the high-end exotic cars and that's where I have my fun. I go out and find the curviest roads I can find and have a blast.

So, how does this relate? I didn't buy my geforce 4 because it can play games and look decent at 1600x1200. I bought it because it can play games and look *awesome* at 1024x768. Therefore, do I *really* need to overclock and tweak stuff out? Not really.
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