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Originally posted by Hellbinder
The Quality is Virtually flatlined between the cards. Regardless of the Rendering path.

As for Speed the difference with them all running their Default paths at full Quality will be between 3-15 FPS im guessing. With Nvidia in the lead. At medium Quality the Difference will Grow larger in favor on Nvidia.

I am just not sure about the 5600U Vs 9600 pro.

It will be a lot more interesting to see R360 Vs Nv38 and Rv360 Vs Nv(i forget)
arg. Ya. The NV's will have some features thrown in specifically for it tho wont it - like that ultrashadow stuff that only the 5900 can do right? That should be interesting to see... as long as the quality isnt beyond sucking...

I wonder if Ill still have my 5900 by the time Doom3 gets to me in the mail
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