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Default Re: Good new 3D Vision article

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
On CRTs: You should buy the LCD panel. I've used shutter glasses with CRTs, and it sucks.
3D Vision doesn't work @ 60hz/2, How is your past bad experience relevant when talking about 120hz/2 glasses?

If somebody can find a way of syncing 3D Vision with a CRT it'll work fine on my monitors don't you worry.
NVidia wont do it as its not worth it for them.

3D Movies will be cool, Wasn't possible before because of the 30hz flicker.

Old movies like SW will be given the 3D treatment, It's gonna be hoooooge.

Every home will have or want one, Not just the computer geeks like it is now....

Then 7 years down the line everyone's retinas will fall out.
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