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Default Re: Windows 7 RC dated - April

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Right, but I think he was praising MS for giving you a whole year.
Its was some praise, with a fair amount of surprise, and some healthy 'What's the catch?'.
That's a full year of letting people have a free version of their OS.

Are you not a bit tempted to install it; for free?

If nothing else to run it in parallel, just to see for yourself?
You can buy a 200GB HDD for $60.

I never made the switch to Vista. At that time, I had too much incompatible hardware, and had read too may negative reviews of the original Vista release. By Vista-SP1 time, Win7 was looking promising. No need to update twice.

Now, hardware-wise I am fully 64-bit ready and most my HW (hmmmm, need to check on my crazy gamer KB) is Vista supported; but have decided to wait for Win7.

Vista may not suck anymore, but it did originally, and too many people zoned out after that. It does not matter if was MS's issues or the OEM's and their bad drivers (if any drivers) that were responsible. The Vista rollout was a PR nightmare.

We early adopters panned Vista. MS Ignored us and tried to trivialize our reviews. And look at the results? Vista struggling for survival 2 years later; even with MS trying to force it upon us.

I am now coming to believe that this is the new viral marketing campaign MS will be using to try to win over the previous Vista complainers. 'Try it for yourself! You'll like it!'

If MS can get us nerds on board early and enthusiastically; they can quickly change the 'vista sucked' message into a 'Win7 Rules'.. IF they can get us to try it??
How to do that?? DUH! Give us free copies. (we love free)
We won't be able to resist.

Even if they give us a free year, they know we will likely buy it quickly after release, IF we like it.

Honestly, do you think we will have any real choice in the next year or so. MS is screaming that XP support is ending. You can't really get a new XP license. Now we have a carrot to go along with the stick..

In reality, this costs them $0.00 over 2 years and could be a massively successful advertising campaign.

MS may actually have learned the value of releasing a demo, especially if its a good product.

They desperately need an early win on this release, or the critical X-mas season is lost again.

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