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Unhappy [BUG REPORT] Keyboard completely lost with 180.41

Sometimes with aforementioned drivers completely loses keyboard - whenever I press any key nothing happens (`xev` returns no events, Ctrl+Alt+Fn doesn't work, num/caps/scroll lock also doesn't work). If I switch to a text console using mouse (it's possible in KDE) then keyboard works just fine.

I have a hal driven configuration (a default for Fedora 10), unfortunately if I restart haldaemon nothing happens - reports that keyboard has been replugged but already has it.

setxkbmap command doesn't help either.

I cannot report any meaningful information, besides that I have pretty default Fedora 10 configuration and I'm running KDE 4.2.1 with Kwin effects turned off.

I have an onboard nVidia Corporation C51PV [GeForce 6150] (rev a2) GPU.

To my sorrow I cannot run NV driver (it just doesn't want to set 1280x1024 on my LCD screen) and with Nouveau driver dies as soon as I log in.

My still relevant log can be found in this topic.

I have temporarily reverted back to 180.29. I hope with these drivers this issue won't haunt me again.
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