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So your saying that Carmack is a sell out?

I was thinking he would be if he took Microsoft up on the offer to delay Doom3 on the PC so the Xbox could get the exclusive. So far it looks like he will not delay the PC version.

I was wondering if Carmack was going to hurt ATI in Doom3. Remember the rumours about Carmack thinking it was ATI that leaked the Doom3 alpha? He did say the people responsible would pay. I guess we will find out.

I don't think Doom3 will run bad on ATI but I think Carmack is working his little tail off to make sure the Nvidia path looks as good as the ATI path. I don't see how since it will be using reduced precision.

Originally posted by Hellbinder
I am usually talking sence. Its the message people dont like sometimes. Plus i cut the crap and just say it. (Btw I have had the Flu for the last 3-4 days)

This is an argument from the DX6/7 days. It has not been as accurate a point since DX8. Its even less accurate with Dx9.

OpenGL is Good, But it is not a Magic Carpet. OpenGL also lacks the Set Standards that DX9 has. Which is both a Good and VERY BAD thing at the same time. Our famous Ace in the hole Doom-III is a prime example. Where Nvidia gets to run the game at an average of about 1/3 or LESS the Percision of Their ATi Counterparts. The Reduced Quality is being Cleverly *Hidden* by Carmack For the Specific reason that it not make Nvidia hardware look bad. This is another case where Money Talks. Believe it.

In other words the overall Possible Quality that the game could show is being intentionally Crippled by some tricky internal code in order to put the VASTE differences between Rendering Quality paths on an Even playing field. The whole thing is made possible becuase of Proprietary IQ reducing and Shortcut filled Extensions Nvidia coded for their Poorly performing hardware.

Thus it is at the same time A Blessing (For Nvidia users) and a Curse (For everyone else).
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