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Default Re: Advice/discussion - GTX 260

Koko56 -Yeah your probably right about Physx, but thanks for the reassurance. With my gfx card I got a free copy of Mirror's Edge and that's nice and smooth with everything maxed out inc Physx.

kaptkarl - Well Crysis looks amazing & definitely plays a lot better, but I've not seen any great improvement when playing Graw 2. Graw 1 is much better though as is Lost Planet Colonies. With my 8800gts I was barely geting 31fps, but with the GTX260, the fps has more than doubled to 79fps with everything maxed out.

Using Evga precision, I have so far oc my card to 672/1460/2202. I could probably go higher, but that's sufficient for the time being. I paid 160 + free p&p for mine and it came with Far Cry 2 and Mirror's edge, so you're definitely right about it being an excellent card for the price.
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