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Question default fan speed at 100% on 9600GT


I have a 9600GT PCX nvidia graphics card and I'm using the proprietary drivers version 180.29 on a Debian linux desktop.

The problem I have is the following:

Whenever X is not started on my server, the GPU fan speed is at 100%. The reason is that
1) nvidia driver starts adjustung GPU fan speed only when X starts. When X stops, the driver stops adjusting the fan speed.
2) When not adjusted by the driver, default fan speed of the GPU is 100% (I assume it's the defaut from the GPU BIOS)

The noise is terrible and might be quite unhealthy for the fan. You should hear it (I assume you have )

So, first, I'm worried about the durability of my fan when it does such a jetplane noise during boot, from power-up to the start of the X server.
Second, the noise is such that it's not practically workable to stop X when I don't need to work in the GUI, even though I would like to.

What are the solutions to this problem?

I guess it comes down to either reduce the default fan speed (preferred), or tell the nvidia driver to keep adjusting the fan speed when X does not run.

Any help appreciated on solving this issue. Thanks by advance.
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